Garden & Pool

Two images: garden and pool.

Quality maintenance and automatic watering (well water) create an exceptionally beautiful lawn that is landscaped with attractive bushes and flowers, and white gravel on the pathways. Nestled at the foot of the Massif des Maures hills and forest, the house is protected from the Mistral. You can sun yourself by the pool or enjoy the shade of cork oaks, cypress, cedar, fig and olive trees, and enjoy the views of the hills and vineyards that surround the house. The pool is situated far enough from the house to allow tranquility for those who want it, but close enough to keep an eye on children.

Three images of the garden.

Choose between eating lunch at a large stone table on the terrace (with its automatic awning that provides shade), or use it during the cooler evenings, and have lunch at the poolside table. As night falls the lanterns and garden lights go on automatically, adding a magical quality to the garden and pool. This is horseback riding country, with walking or riding paths in every direction around the house. Two separate parking areas, each with their own gates that are opened by remote control, provide space for cars.

Three images of the pool.